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TheRealHumphrey; The story continious....

Chapter six
Full moon's rising

{ At the Hillside the Western and Eastern pack waited now two day's and the moon rise once again. This time alomst full, so Winston, Eve, Tony, Garth, Scar and Claw still in the north of Jasper Park had to hurry to be at the howling-party at full moon. This was always a verry important event. Even this time, because now two young new coulples, The Alphas's now join the party.
But therefore all packmember had to be together, that was a tradition they would not break. Altough Garth needed a little more practice. Because we don't need all the birdies going down would we?}

[ After Hutch spoke to all of the pack, all members where on alert. ]

Hutch: Well now every eye is focused on you Kate! You are the doughter of the packleader.-watched her in the eye's and turns his head than arround so he could point to the rest of the pack-
Kate: You are right! I am the doughters pack leader so I can handle this! -she talked in a brave voice chest forward and looking straight- (I won't fail father...)
Hutch: So if you need some assistance or advice I'm on your side,... like I was...am for your father, Kate. -he stumbled because of the knowledge that Winston far, far away was and not knowing if or when he wil come back-
Humphrey: I'll geuss I can help to...Mr. Logride at your service! -he brave saluted-
Lilly: Well I am always at your side as well , Kate because you are my big loving sister! -steped to Kate and gave her a big hug verry tight Kate almost choked-
Kate: Oh Lilly, of cours you are, you will always be my biggest friend! And please don't be shy anymore, little sister have to be grow up! -now Kate acted as her mother to Lilly and was grooming her fur and put her hairlock again in front of her left eye, like Kate liked it, wags tail-
Humpphrey: (Oh Kate... please will you do me as well?) -his eye's where looking like if he had a day dream and his tail waged in a fast way-

[ That morning, Marcel was learning some pups his favorite game,... well he tried to, but they where to playfull to be serious gaming with Marcel so soon he stopped.]

Marcel: Wolfs, you ruining the best sport there is. (I still get not used to them,...wolfs)
Reba: Hey kids! -she called them out from the entrance of their cave- Feedingtime and no let that goose do what he like to do,...and not eat it! -she was joking and laughing, closes her eyes a little and walked back into the cave-
Marcel: Food??What horrible jokes,...wolfs! I get outteh here! -he took his gear and left to find a better spot to play-
Humphrey: What's up guy's? -walks to the small dudes, small eyes smiling-
Pup: Birdy don't want to play! -looks sad and point his head to Marcel-
Humphrey: Well I know a nice game! -ears up and head jumps upright turns arround to Marcel-
Marcel: Oh..o..o.noo! We've been thru this already! -try to walk away in a hurry and get in the air while watching back to Humphrey- This is not going to happen!
Humphrey: Come on Marcel it is for the small ones, have fun!  -head down in stalkingposition and a big smile on his face-
Pup: Go Humphrey go! -verry excited look and jumps up and down of joy-
Reba: Well I'll see who's the real kid in here! -looks and smile at Humphrey while she enters the cave and calls Jenice to come and look-
Janice: I'll bed Humphrey hit a animal! (geuss a moose?!) -giggels and truns towards Reba and askes- and you? wich obstacle he will find out now to cuddle!?
Reba: Well a tree unlikely, that's Kate's profession! (gosh they realy fit together!) -shakes her head by the thinking of that- But I go for that there! -she pointed to a group of wolfs listening what Hutch them was telling-
Janice: Even better! -gave Reba a pounch, like your on!-
Marcel: Cut it ..out! Humphrey please stop these nonsece,....He! -Marcel now get in the air, but Humphrey already had taken his gooselegs-
Humphrey: Look kid this is fun! -Humphrey sticks his tongue out and wacthed the kid enjoy the moment-

[  But again Humphrey forgot to look forwards so did Marcel. And they colide up on the gathering wolfs who listen to Hutch. ]

Humphrey: NO ...No...No! -scared face, wide open eyes and shouting real loud-
Marcel: Hey ...down there LOOK OUT! -Marcel shouted and head down open eyes-
All wolfs at the ground: Ahhhh!! Humphrey!!!!?? -they were all not realy pleased to see our friend colid upon them and shouted all together-

{ To tell you Mooch, salty and Shakey just heard about Humphrey did the bird thing once more... they headed to the noise at front them and jumped into the party! Wolfpile! They never could get enough from it!
It became late that day and the pack heade back to there caves.
There was still yet no huntingparty. But soon that would be resolved by a brave gril named Lilly.
After all she learnd a lot from Garth who she spend a few time with during the disapearence of Kate and Humphrey. So she 's been told much Alpha skills now.
Well than here ends chapter six hope you'll enjoy more to follow. }

Chapter seven
No scraps and bones anylonger

{ Like I told you Lilly had enough from the fact that all the wolfs where eating berries, scraps and bones. She want real meat! And she was right all packmembers where starving, well not realy but they all needed to be feed well soon.
Hutch now was the pack leader for now, but allowed Lilly to participate, not comand oh no that's not what Hutch go instructed from Winston. Winston was verry clear to Hutch when he left the pack for the big search. He told him the pack must be stick together and his descendants needed special treathment.}

[ Night falls over Hillscave mountain and the al the remaining Alphamembers got together for a huntingparty. lilly was the only omega, but good enough to join them, besides it was her idea.
They all went down to the huntinggrounds, that's where the caribu's headed mostly. But at night most of them take shelther at the forest, usually but now people are in that forest they all stay at open terrain.
This was there chance to hunt for a easy meal! ]

Hutch: Lilly, you take the Western pack Alpha's, than I'll take the Eastern. -Hutch now was on the front running together with Lilly, watchting her and jumped to the right to split the group-
Lilly: Got it ...take the Western pack. -she replay in a hurry and jumped to the left-

[ The two groups came down the valley and reduce their speed at once to take a stalking position. The Western pack was closing in the herd os csribu's from behind, while the Eastern pack waited their turn to catch them up when the caribu's steped right into their claws and jaws.
Winston, Eve, Tony, Garth, Scar and Claw still a up north had no idea how to travel ack to Caves Hill Mountain. They also get out of fuel, feeling hungry and tierd.]

Winston: Look guy's,...-talked in a sad mood- as long as we stick together now nothing coul happen to us right? -turns his head to Tony and Garth-
Tony: Do you still think about Miss wolf, I mean Eve? -walks beside Winston and talked in a demped voice Garth could not hea-
Winston: At all times,...buddy at all times. -take a deep breath and was wondering- (She will be ok, Imean what could happen, she is a good lady! It somethimes freak me out how she kills her prey!)
Tony: At least she has Sca and Claw allong to support her. -he tries to smile, but can't- (thoose guy's well at least two omega's make hopefully one Alpha...)
Garth: Shhh... -Garth now walked in front and turn his head to them and told them to be silent- it comes from over that rockformation! -he sticks his paw out to a couple of pointy rocks on the horizon, a little further away from them-
Winston: What? -he looked Garth straight in the eyes- What do you hear, ... -wide open ears eyes small head to the rocks-
Tony: I know thoose voices...it's ...it's ..are Scar and Claw!! -sumbling voice, head upright-
Winston: Hurry up they might need us! -quikle went on, head low during running followd by Tony and Garth-

{ On the horizon where some large rockformations and behind one of them they heard a few howls and some fighting noise.
Eve, Claw and Scar where in great danger,...or}

[ Winston, Tony and Garth run to the rocks and found a welcome surprise. They not only found Eve, Scar and Claw but a meal as well!
Still exhausted from the run Garth was happy to see his buddies. Garth was strong and big, but his conditions was less than Tony's or Winston. ]

Winston: Eve! -looks verry happy, almost that face of  Humphrey-
Eve: Winston? You found me! Us.. -was suprised and run to Winston and hugs him, he nozzel her and she in return-
Garth: -Cool as always  looked at Scar and Claw- Hi guy's what's up?! Did I miss anything?
Scar: Garth! You had to see me jumping in the river! -he always was a litle active-
Claw: Yeah, yeah and we cought some fish as well, appetizing! -tags Garth and speaks in a verry agitated highpitched voice-
Tony: Well well, what have we got here! -watched a middlesized caribu just taken in by Eve- Did you do this? -looked at Eve- (well Scar and Claw are not good in hunting so she must be!)
Eve: Yep! Just go right in to the throath babe! -she awnsers in a way you get frightened from-
Winston: That's my Eve... always verry accurrate! -smiled at her and cuddels her- Well,...let's eat!
Eve: Don't let it run agian! -she watched Scar and Claw who looked back like,...what?-

{ Down at the valley the two groups where headed to have their meal, Lilly prove she was a good hunter! Her first huntingparty was very succesfull. Hutch was impressed and kept in mind that he will tell Winston of his beautiful second.
Humphrey and Kate stayed by Reba, Janice and the rest of the pack. But he could not resist to look at the edge of Cave's Hill Mountain, again watching Kate at work!}

Finally all the packmembers returned home with a nice meal to serve the others. At that time it was midnight, but still not full moon. That would be two day from now...
But Humphrey could not resist to working out his howl with Kate, so they went to a remote spot near the pound where they've meet before long ago. ]

Chapter eight
Positive responce

{ Humphrey and Kate reached the pound and both became a little shy, but Humphrey knew's excatly what to do about that!
Kate couldn't resist Humphrey's jokes and glaced up in a verry beautfiul way, Humphrey became realy waek in his haert.}

Humphrey: Kate,..-looks at her and comes closer to her- I have to say your eyes ... eh I mean can't keep My eyes from you! -he stumbled and choking his voice-
Kate: -giggels, and pushed humphrey to the ground- You naughty wolfie,... at our yought you watched me and now I'm your total obsession! -she smiled and stand above Humphrey who lay down, because of the push she gave-
Humphrey: You've got me in! Why you always was so cool at me? -he took a sour face and pickes up a flower next to him, her favorite one-
Kate: Oh Humph... (you make my life complete, why my Alpha feelings always got so strong?) -accept the flower and put it in her hair-
Humphrey: At the end of our journey I'd realy tought I might loose you, when you told everyone you marry Garth. -turns his eyes away from Kate, wags his tail once and sit down-
Kate: Well that was the agrement...and also my feeling said to do that what's right for the pack, bisides dad...-she looked the ther way and sniffs the air, but Humphrey interrupte her-
Humphrey: Kate, your father was always verry kind, he eventualy had seen my love for you,.. realy! -eyes open ears upright and stick his head a little forword-
Kate: Well Lilly did mention it also that I had to go for you! -she blushes and walked arroud Humphrey by twisting her tail arround him-
Humphrey: See even your had mention our little romance! -he made small eyes and try to kiss her-
Kate: Hmm..Humphrey! (Well get over it we are alone here, and he IS my mate now so don't be a sissy ..kiss!) -now she allowed Humphrey to kiss her, she wasn't always up to these moments of real love, in the past there where little moments like this and always interrupted-
Humphrey: -he came closer and kiss her and whispers in her ear- I've tought I lost you after that stampede, you lay there and I ...
Kate: It's allright Humphrey. And will never leave you,...I promise! Okay? -she embrace Humphrey and licks his cheek-
Humphrey: -headed sideways looked a little shocked turns and watched staight in her eyes, only he could do was smiling-
Kate: Look it's almost full moon! -pointed her nose to the clear bright ,..yes almost full moon-
Humphrey: Do you think what I think?! -gave Kate a wink-

[ They both rise and stand firm head faced to the moon, looked at each other and almost simultaneously they go for a howl! Beautiful and strong in almost one octaf.
Up North Winston, Tony, Garth, Claw and Scar heard the howl. That was just the most perfect moment, because no one knew excatly their position. Kate and Humphrey got the awnser and headed staight back to Caves Hill Mountain. ]

Kate: Hutch! Huch! -she ran up hill to look for Hutch-
Hutch: -came out of his cave, still middle of the night but everyone was awake-
Kate: Hutch did you hear that? -out of breath she wachted him straight in the eyes- Mom and dad! they are alive and at the North of Jasper Park and are okay!
Hutch: Well than graet news,...call everyone together we have to celebrate this! -steped down and looks arroud if there where other wolfs-
Humphrey: Hey guy's did you hear that?? -eye's wide open and out of breath-
Reba: Are you shure they where your parents, Tony, Garth, Claw and Scar? -she came out of her cave running-
Humphrey: Well there is one fore shure,...Mr Barf! -he grins- He has still a beautiful howl, ready for avalance!
Lilly: Oh...Humphrey! -she nodded in a playfull way and steped into the gathering wolfs-Where did you say they are located? -comes near the talking wolfs-
Kate: They are at the North near High Peak! -points her paw in the up-North direction-
Humphrey: Kate! We could go there! It's near the railway, over the bridge. We can make it, another adventure! -stept into the group of wolfs and give Kate a push and a nozzel near the ear-
Kate: Well I do not know... it can be danger! -looked down-
Humphrey: That's my game! -looking proud on paw againgst his chest-
Kate: And may found by people again! -affraid look-
Humphrey: I'll make em laugh again! -stays upright and play an air guitare-
Kate: But If we got lost again? -took Humphrey down and looked in his eye's-
Humphrey:  Well than we ask Marcel, Paddy or thoose little friends the squirrels how to go! -pointed to Marcel now enters the spot- Or,..we could repopulate the North and make our own pack! -  
Kate: -looks and smiles, but with mixed feelings ( I get it you still love,me,...me too, but we have to bring the pack once more together, I feel the Alpha urge!)
Humphrey: Come on! No time to loose! -he jumped up and headed to the North- Marcel! he buddy, can you fly above to guide us? -looked at Marcel who was now in between of the getering wolfs- 
Kate: Okay, but we have to go arround the working ground of the people. -she spoke to both, Marcel and Humphrey- Lilly? What's wrong, you look sad... -now Lilly came in front and looked to the ground- He, I won't be gone for a long time. Besides, Mr. Fun is now my mate! -she growls at Humphrey who gave her a wink in return-
Lilly: It's ....I ...We ...me... -she stumbled, like the young wolf she was in the past, shy and silent- Because ...
Kate: Aha...my little sister misses Garth! -kate said in a voice happy to cheer Lilly up-
Lilly: Well yeah, yes I miss him,...-she stept proud forword and head high, and steped back- Can I go with you guy's? Please? -her tail between her legs in submission way-
Humphrey: Let's go! No time to waist, Salty, Shakey and Mooch,...buddy's take care and ...-he stept to them and spoke in a way if like he will leave them forever, but could not finish his conversation because,...-
Shakey: Come here you! Friends will always be friends, for us you're still an Omega! -wraps his paw arround him and before Humphrey knew....a groupshug ended up in a wolfpile!-
Humphrey: Guy's please... can I go now?! -Humphrey wanted to talk serious, but he ended up laughing and sipt out a pinecone, he almost choke in when he was on pushed on the ground-
Kate: Okay Lilly, but.... please stay alert at all times, you never know what's happens!
Humphrey: Marcel,... are you ready? -came to Marcel who took a peddle-
Marcel: Look childern,... this will be our course!   -he hit the peddle with his club and it flew upright North with a little bend,...to the bridge!-

Kate wasn't finished and Lilly huged her and almost cry out in tears, now she could help find her parents, but above all her Garth!
The little group of wolfs headed North, marcel above, to make shure navigation was correct and danger spoted ]

{ Now Kate, Lilly and Humphrey on their way to Winston, Eve, Tony, Garth, Scar and Claw the rest of the pack waited with great uncertainty.
For Kate and Humphrey it was just an other adventure they looked up too. For Lilly however it was her first time far from home, could she handle it? And Salty,.. he was Humphrey's best friend who keeps him always on the Omega path what would he do now Humphrey went on again? }

Chapter nine
Humphrey saves the day

{ Kate, Lilly and Humphrey run to the direction of the Railway they vanished into the bush leaving Hutch once agian to take care of the pack by his own.
It was a long journey full of obstacels and big risks to be caught by human again. That's the last what they had in mind. So they went fast but silent as posible.
Lilly wasn't familiar with human cantact but she soon found out that her qualy to run fast had the best she could do. Theere are humans who think wolfs are not friendly at all but Humphrey might bring a little twist in their minds. His behave was always total diffrent than the others, which made Kate smile.}

[ Humphrey was at the front, Kate behind him followed by Lilly. They move all across the woods of big large redpine and big rocks coverd with moss, ferns and gras.
They cross the bridge and where verry close to the humans. It was late afternoon and they get tierd, especially Kate and Humphrey who went up all night. So they disided to take a nap for some time. Well wolfs can't read time, so when they got up it was dark already. But where was Lilly? ]

Kate: Lilly? -she stand up and looked arround her, shake out her fur-
Humphrey: Huh?... What?..-yawns and was a little disapointed by the fact Kate got up while he was draeming about her and gave her a kiss, that felt so real...well-
Kate: Humphrey! Please...  -teasing him by waging him in his face, looks a little naughty- I have to know where is Lilly. -steped to a small bush, opens it- Lilly?
Humphrey: Yeah right if as she fit's in there! -still little irritated by her teasing-
Kate: Well help me than search for her! Will you? walks to a bigger bush wich seem to move-
Humphrey: Oh...Lilly?!! -he calls her but in a soft voice-
Kate: Wait...I think I've got something! -she stept into the biger srub and opens the bush with her paws-
Shrub: Hey! Cut it out! -it yells-
Kate: -jumped back from the strange shrub looked very supprised-
Humphrey: What the...what is that? -he pointed his paw towards the shrub-
Shrub: Who you think it is? -high pitched voice-

[ Suddenly a berrie hits Humphrey on the nose, splash! His face was sweet, well on a other point of view. ]

Humphrey: Game on I'm in! -he jumped up and ran into the shrub-
Shrub: Oh...no...no...no! -it yelled-

[ To late Humphrey colide into the shrub. ]

Kate: Are you,...well is it okay? -she stumbels wags her tail and did not have any idea what or who it was , the shrub-
Humphrey: Well what have we got here?! - he looked at something he knew, but it was totally messed up-
Kate: Oh...my ..! she now watched a total messed up furrball- Lilly! What happend!? -now Kate looked real concernd-
Lilly: Well you two lovebirds where in a deep sleep and I got realy lonely.... -she saet down and almost cries-
Kate: Ohw... lilly, come here! -Kate huged her to support and whispers in her ear... - well don't worry soon you two will be together again, I'll promise!! -than she grooms Lilly and brush her hairlocks upright so both eyes where visible-
Humphrey: -starts to laugh- I realy was thinking you where a oversized bunny in that bush!
Lilly: I was chasing a few, but something got my attention. -she shakes her body, her furr was a mess all over-
Kate: What? Lilly tell us what did you see? -now realy curious look-
Lilly: I found this! -she took a strange something in her paws-
Kate: What is that? Careful lilly, people own dagerous stuff sometimes. -she rememberd that shooting people at the truck stop and pushed the strange thin away from her-

[ By the push Kate gave a sound appears! That thing had knobs and markings on it the wolfs could not read. Humphrey jumped directly in the sky of happines. For him it was like fun, music! It made him totaly out of control.  Kate and Lilly where like, what is that? But kate couldn't resist to join Humphrey in his silly mood but Lilly found it all a bit too weird! This dancing went on at the fall of the night, but wasn't a private party anymore! ]

Lilly: Whaa! Rock you!Humphy!!! -she yeld in a way you know like get lost!- Go!Go! -now he was roling over the ground and giggels all time with her paw's 'n legs kicking all around-
Kate: Wow! I have never, never ever tought that fun be not only a Omega thingy...well..what ever! Screw you! -she gave Humphrey a big push while he was spinning arround like a mad man-
Humphrey: Yeah! Get your paw's sky high, baby! -he jumped arround Kate, with closed eyes and mouth wide open singing like If he could sing-
Lilly: Hey Kate! Tickle me! -she was definatly out of control!-
Kate:You got it sis, ..her! -kate was now on top of Lilly tickle's her aand together they roll over in Humphrey's direction-
Humphrey: Whoaaah!! -Humphrey almost in trance of his way of fun was not stable in his movement, and the girls roll ageinst his legs and...-

[ They all ended in a wolfpile! Kate, Lilly and Humphrey now had a good time together and finaly Kate admit that she definitlyu could enjoy fun! Her tuff behave finaly gave way for Humphrey's attempt to make her laugh!
But when tey looked up, there was a little surprise arround them... yes I 'm talking about people! ]

Humphrey: Oooh Poo! -his eye's went like a small and filled with tears of joy, but also fear, and he gave Kate a push and Lilly got also silent now-

[ The only sound was the radio and a few people who looked suprised by the scene and slowly started to clap! ]

Humphrey: I think we are okay now...! -he whispers to Kate and Lilly who seat now down next to Humphrey- Thank you, thank you, pleasure will be all mine! -he acted like a real circus entertainer and loved all the attention-
Kate: Humphrey, please what is happening! You know humans are not to trust, please Humphrey stop it!
-Kate looked concernd at irritable because her boyfriend did not take her seriuos-
Humphrey: What!? Do I miss something? -turns head to Kate in a way like have fun babe!-
Kate: Mega's! -she mumbles- Lilly, please you know better, behave!
Lilly: Yah! once fun, you have to grab it away! -little angry but turned in to shame, cause it was her big, older sister who she talked to so she stept back-
Kate: Humphrey, turn it off! -pointed at the radio and makes a u turn to see if they could find a way out of the people- Will you stop now?!
Humphrey: Aye aye...miss bipolar... -he said softly, so Kate could not hear the last word-

[ Hunphrey was not done yet, he had always to have the last word. So he turned to the people who where still at debate what they did see. And Humphrey told them...]

Humphrey: Thank you for your wonderfull support and I apreaciate all your smiles! -he bow down with a wide grinn on his face, and walked to Kate-
Kate:  Lilly! Come on, hurry! -Kate start to run, but Lilly did not move- Lilly!
Lilly: What is...that....? -small eyes focused on a human with a strange tube-
Humphrey: Okay, I'm comming,...Kate...Lilly? -looked arround him, because he was with his back to the girls- O..ohh..where have I see this thing before? -his voice was slow and silent looking at a metal tube, and sniffs on it-
Kate: RUN!!! -she yells and Lilly and Humphrey runn off-

{ The human had a rifle pointd on the wolfs. But they where just on time to escape. In there fast running they had neede some glasses...}

Kate: Ahh. - hit's a tree-
Humphrey: Ough! -a rock-
Lilly: Ha! you two rock's ...whaa!! -falls over a pinecone-
Late&Humphrey: ha ha!

{ Finaly they reached the edge of the forest. It was not far from Winston, Eve, Tony, Garth, Scar and Claw.
Humphrey was still not very charming about Garth, but hey he had Lilly to watch over now! And she? Lilly was so happy to see him that she over run him and cuddle him till the ground.
Eve and Winston came to Kate and gave her a good hug. But Humphrey felt a little down, because wich one would be happy about him? }

Chapter ten
A glories comeback

{ Half of the Eastern and Western pack waited at Caves Hill Mountain while the other came back from up North. But on there way back they had to cross the forest once more. But this time they did not cross the bridge. To danger so they asked Marcel ubove to see other roads to take. But this raod was much longer and they had to stay one night more in the forset. But just not to lat for the big gathering at Caves Hill Mountain for the Big Howl! }

[ Winston and Eve, Kate and Humphrey, Garth and Lilly, Scar, Claw went seperate to diffrent sheters to spend the night. Kate and Humphrey stayed near a nice romance pound nearby a shruby area.
Well they enjoy that night. Garth and Lilly found a cave wich was small and dark. ]

Humphrey: Kate,.... well I need to tell you something...-looks very unshure-
Kate: You wouldn't... don't say! I have to tell you some! -tags Humphrey and lay down sideway's closing her eye's a bit-
Humphrey: (Wow Kate's Hot!Ahww! Can't hold it!) Ehm..? -shakes his furr-
Kate: I don't know where to start, but sometimes you just a jerk! -tuff as always but tru-
Humphrey: (ough..that hurts, more than thoose rock's!) -smiles, but not mean it-
Kate: Second... -she took Humphrey with both her strong Alpha paws to the ground and start to wrestle him and sit upon him like I've gotta prey! -
Humphrey:  (Just the doctor orded!) -he growls, and licked her cheek- Kate... My Kate!
Kate: -wanted to put Humphrey aside, but let go- Well okay, you get what you always wanted! -very naughty look-
Humphrey: (Ohhh...Yeah! Kate for diner and braekfast!) -he felt still a little pain in his groin because of all the rock's he visited!-

[ Well finaly Humphrey go the repopulation-thingy in progress. ups slipt my mind Garth and Lilly play there own romance elswhere, in there  cave... but again.... they where not alone! ]

Lilly: Oh... Garth I think I fell your nice warm breath in my nape... -she giggels-
Garth: That's not me bunny! -he calls her now like this afrter they visit; bunnyhill poo- Look I'm in front!
Lilly: What..who? -slowly turns arround..and... BIG YELL! AWHH!
Garth: Back ..you monster! -Garth yeld at the big ugly bear-
Lilly: I call for the others...-she wanted to start a howl, but not load enough-
Garth: Let me...-start a howl, very distored and out of tune-
Lilly: -closed her eyes and ears- ( awhhhwww Garth, your not very charming, gosh I miss that sound from that human in the box!)

[ The bear run out of the cave and Lilly and Garth could proceed there game. ]

{ That morning the group of wolfs got furthur down towards Cave Hills Mountain. There was only one obstacle ahead. The railroad. Once in a while a train pass by. But most of the time the rail was free to cross.
There was no train to find, see or hear the wolfs crossed the railway but again Humphrey had to figure out something... o..oh he is still a naughty omega! }

Humphrey: Hey guys! -he stoped and watched a strange kind of stick near the railway-
Kate: What are you doing?! -she did it again that face like ,o you omega! Stupid!-
Humphrey: Well does anyone like to see what it is? -looked at the rest and touch the strange shaped stick-
Winston: Humphrey...-he walks to Humphrey and talks in a soft head low- look Humphrey I accept you to be Kate's mate but you have to be more ...how to say ...to be mature, grown up! - he raise his head and wags his tail-
Humphrey: Yeah i know,... but Sir, Kate is so goodlooking but very cool and tuff. But I like her! And now she admit to have me allong... well it means a lot to me! -looks happy and brings his head almost to Winston's-
Winston: Well to tell you, miss wolf, or Eve was just like Kate! And still is a little raw! -he pushes Humphrey in his side and smiles-
Humphrey: ( Okay... so that means You was a Omega before??)
Winston: Yes, Humphrey I know what you're thinking right now and the awnser is yes , I was! -looks happy and tags Humphrey, and runs away from him-
Humphrey: Oh I'll get it! try to run after Winston, but his tail got stuck to the weird stick-

[ That's not a nice feeling, running while you stuck on something. ]

{Oh that thing was a divice to change track, railway-thingy-road, yeah to change direction! So kids don't try it at home!
The main railroad was sraight on, but the other was in the direction of the new man made cliff!
Well now you know how tis story end ... does it? }

Eve: Well will you stop be running arround! -she teckles Winston who felt right to the ground-
Eve and Kate: Omega's! -looked at each other and start to laugh- Come my daer, lot's to tell you about that scrap overthere! -Kate shocked by her mom telling her about her dad-
Winston: See Humphrey! She still got it! Yep she still is! -trapped face and winks at Humphrey-
Humphrey: Ayi! My tail! (hope will not hapen too much! almost lost it now, or if Kate bites,..well) -tail between his legs-
Scar: Hey guy's do you feel a vibration? -scratch his paw on the ground-
Claw: Look! A big fast....-he could not finish his sentence, because Humphrey runs by and yells-
Humphrey: Train!-he yelpt-
Lilly: Well what about it! -looks random and not very seriuos, giving Garth a push-
Humphrey: It goes right in the direction of the cliff! -points to the cliff not far away-
Winston: That may a good thing thou! -smiles-
Tony: Why is that? I mean what about?!  -walks to Winston and seat down next to him-
Winston: Well if he colide in the cliff, it could solve the human problem thing. -grinns-
Marcel: You wolfs has a strange way to be humor! I mean what fun about it!? -he flew low so could hear every word-
Humphrey: Kate! You know what! Let's hop on that train once more! -walks to her and talked in a naugty face-
Kate: Humphrey! -looked irritated like if there was nothing happend by the pound last night-
Humphrey: What?! Come on guy's search a log! -looks arroud-
Garth: Oh no not your silly logride again! -angry look-
Winston: (I hope that he knows what he is doing right now!)
Lilly: Wow! Got one! Very biggy! -high pitched voice-
Eve: (Well look at that! Lilly freaks out!)

{ They finaly got into the log, but because of the number of wolfs the log now was way to crowded! So it took a l lot to handle. Together they slide down very fast in the direction of the train! With still no knowhow using any braeks, Humphrey had a hard time.

Humphrey: Hold tight! Her we slide, log ride!!! Everyone left! Go! -Humphrey commanded, but Garth and Tony both did not amuse it to be told by an Omega!-

[ Now the train took more speed and reached the point where the change of railway was. Meanwhile the members of the logfun had made a bend and slide lamost parallel to that train.
But they where not at the same level. The wolfs where on higher  ground. And Humphrey was very into a new sort of move! He told Scar and claw to get ready. But ready for what? Well to bounch on the end so the log came of the ground and jumped in the air.]

All: Ahhh!! -looks realy scary and the log ended on to of the train-
Humphrey: Well that's fun! Feel the wind! -sticks his tongue out and looked backwords to Winston who seat bihind him-
Kate: H-H-H-Humphrey!! -she pointed her paw to that thing ahead
All, except Humphrey: Tunnel!! -big yell-
Humphrey: Oh no no no! -he jst could dug, just on time..-
Claw: Gosh dark in here mate! -verry cleaver noticed-
Humphrey: I can see the end! - he shouts, it was very noisy inside the tunnel-
Eve: What's after the tunnel? -she askes Kate who had been here before during the walk with Humphrey long ago-
Kate: Well when we where here there was n.....NOTHING!  -looked like if seen a gost-

{ The train felt realy in the manmade cliff, but not it wasn't deep, but the inpacked was huge! They all landed scattered around.
 But the good thing was they where alive! and most of all almost home!}

Humphrey: Ough! Ough! My butt again! -he had landed on a squirrel-
Squirrel: Ai! Almost flatten me! You idiot! We try to help you and search for you guy's,...man that hurts!
-he looked realy in pain-
Tony: Well at least we are almost home, just another 5 miles....-cheers everyone up and walks arround-

[ He was right they where almost home and it took them a short time to get to Caves Hill Mountain, leaving the sabotaged train and cliff behind them. Well the humans did no idea what overcome them.
At the hillside Reba and Janice waited along with the reat of the pack. And Hutch ran to Winston to greet him and report al the news he had tall him. ]



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